How to earn and redeem Rustic Honey rewards points:


Here are some screen shots to show you where to login/signup!
(You may sign up from a desktop, tablet or on your mobile phone!)

1. Locate the rewards button on the left-hand side of our homepage. 


2. Click the button to open. Then choose to "Join now" or "Sign in" with the email on your RH account (if you currently have one so you can see any points already accrued on past purchases!)

3. And you're in! Check out your points balance here. You can also start earning more right away with "ways to earn" and "referrals" by clicking on those options. 


How do I earn points?
You earn points on every purchase online or in-store (automatically tracked through your email address on your account). 

You also can earn points for sharing RH with your friends and family AND of course we love to send birthday points! 

How do I use my points?
After you’ve accumulated 500+ points you can simply sign in (as shown in screenshots) and click “redeem” - the app will then share a coupon code with you to use online or in-store! We have rewards from $5 to $25 off!!

Do they expire?
No ma'am! Earn away and build your nest egg of Honey Money!

So I can earn free Honey Money just for shopping?! Yes, it's that simple!